The CD20 building construction system

The CD20-connection between floor slabs and columns
The beamless and modular CD20 system is an all-round precast construction product. It is applicable for buildings with versatile functions; commercial, educational, healthcare and industrial, but also for hotels, car parkings and is now also suitable for appartments and residential building construction.

Our floorslabs are now available in different sizes. Cantilevers, larger spans, tophat beams, integrated ducts and other innovations makes it very adaptable and widely applicable.

Smart connections make sure the elements can be assembled, disassembled and expanded very quickly, both vertically as horizontally. CD20 buildings can be partially or entirely moved to another destination.

Most important advantages:

  • shorter construction times 
  • double-quick and clean assembly
  • less construction site costs and construction time
  • beamless; no obstacles for climate systems 
  • no structural concrete topping needed
  • very slim and small construction height
  • lower floor height and smaller façade surface
  • disassembly and re-use possible
  • slim elements and weight savings
  • floor-slabs in different sizes
  • integrated structural redundancy
  • optional concrete core activation 
  • re-use contributes to a lower CO2-emission
  • industrial quality with greater precision
  • integration of other construction systems